We are a broadly based and well established organization headed by qualified and well experienced personals and a member of INDIAN PEST CONTROL ASSOCCIATION. while continuously involved in researching the improvement of the services according to the high standards set, provides personnel with high technical qualifications and experience of 22 years in the field of Public Health and Pest Control Services. While pests are being irradiated human health need prime consideration and we have a specialized squad rigorously trained to carry out the job efficiently up to your satisfaction.
We undertake the evaluation, management and operation of projects in all the area.
We would like to assure you that our pesticide experts, proven through trials, choose all chemicals used to be most effective of their kind in controlling pests. The World Health Organization and Central Insecticides Board, guaranteed to be odorless, non-staining and most important of low mammalian toxicity, approve them.
Our extermination squads are well trained and are supervised by our Entomologists and Engineers. The operators are well mannered, properly equipped and uniformed, are prepared to provide satisfaction guaranteed service. In addition our Entomologist and Engineers while attending control operations are on call to identify pest problems and advise concerned parties as to the optimal remedies.
All equipment used in our projects are the latest in technological advancement adopted only after exhaustive research in the field of Pest Control and designed to be used by professionals PCO's.

Monitoring Procedures:
The operation progress will be under constant and regular monitoring by our technical experts to remedy and shortcomings or solve latent problems before they get out of control. At no time will the program allow any infestation to take hold, you accordingly receive a monthly program report from our experts.
The program monitoring will aim expressly at constant check insects' population's mobility and increase so that appropriate control measures could be instituted.


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